Black Amethyst Point Crystal

Black Amethyst for Energy Clearing

Black Amethyst is a multi-purpose healing dark amethyst that gets it’s natural color from concentrated hematite and iron inclusions found inside the crystal’s matrix. Amethyst is popularly used for crown opening and third eye intuitive boosting. The hematite and iron elements in black amethyst provide a grounding nature that synergistically creates an all-in-one powerful amethyst crystal!

Black Amethyst point for migraine relief and grounding. Crystal Rock Star

Black Amethyst Properties

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Heart, Root, Earth Star

Element: Wind and Earth

Properties: See my past blog article on Black Amethyst properties.


How to use Black Amethyst Crystals to Clear Pain and Release Trauma

I’ve used black amethyst in sphere form before, but recently I started working with larger points that have the darkest deep coloring I’ve never seen until now! These black amethyst points have intense strong energy because of the added hematite inclusions and high iron content.

To Clear Pain

One day I was encountering intense physical pain in my torso area and my intuition led me to grab a black amethyst point and double terminated black tourmaline to ground the pain energies out of me.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Use a Black Amethyst crystal and Black Tourmaline double terminated crystal.
  2. Clear your space with sage, sound or other crystal cleansing method of your choice.
  3. Lay down and place the black amethyst point above your head. Point the amethyst crystal downwards into your crown chakra.
  4. Then place a large double terminated black tourmaline crystal between and under your feet. Make sure the termination points downwards and upwards so it’s aligned with your spine.
  5. Close your eyes and practice deep breathing. Envision healing energy entering through the black amethyst crystal into your body and out through the bottom of your feet. Play some calming music to relax the body as well.
  6. Then with your dominant hand, take the black amethyst point over the areas of pain and point the tip outwards so that the pain energies release out of the body. Keep a window open and sage or palo santo smudge the room afterwards to clear the unwanted energies.

To Release Stress and Trauma

During my experience meditating or sleeping with Black Amethyst, interestingly I have felt strong energetic pressure emanating outwards from my heart chakra. The energies of this crystal activate the body’s energy column. In addition to grounding the energies downwards out of the Root and Earth Star chakras, I have found that Black Amethyst also releases physical and emotional stress out of the largest energy center of the body, the heart chakra area.

How to Release Energies:

  1. Just like the exercise above, use a Black Amethyst and Black Tourmaline double terminated crystal. I’ve noticed that the larger the crystals, the stronger the energies felt. So use your intuition on the size of crystals you’d like to use.
  2. Clear your space with sage, sound or other method of your choice.
  3. Then lay down in a comfortable place of your choosing.
  4. Place the black amethyst pointing towards above the top of your head.
  5. Place the double terminated black tourmaline under and between your feet.
  6. You can meditate or do this layout before going to sleep.
  7. Let the crystals do their thing and observe the areas of your body that feel pressure or energetic sensations. These will be the areas that the energy of the crystals are “clearing” out of your physical, emotional and etheric bodies.
  8. If you feel pressure in the heart chakra area, envision the energy you want to release spiraling outwards from the front of your body and behind it as well. The front of the body will be recent or current lifetime trauma and the back of the body releases past life trauma.
  9. Like the exercise above, envision healing white light energy flowing through from black amethyst crystals into your body and out the double terminated black tourmaline to transmute the energies.
  10. If the energy release feels too intense, feel free to remove the black amethyst point and leave the black tourmaline under your feet for a bit more to ground and calm you.
  11. Keep a window open and sage or palo santo smudge the room afterwards to clear the unwanted energies.

What is your experiencing working or meditating with black amethyst crystals? Leave a comment below and share how it’s worked for you. If you have any tips to share, let us know so we can all help each other on a path to awakening!

black amethyst crystals point generator
Smaller sized points

If you’d like to have your own black amethyst crystal to work with, I have a few gorgeous polished points that you can check out in the shop that come in various sizes!

black amethyst crystals


Until next time, keep shining Crystal Rockers!

How to Use a Black Amethyst Crystals for Energy Clearing
Article Name
How to Use a Black Amethyst Crystals for Energy Clearing
Black Amethyst crystal healing tutorial for clearing out trauma, stress and pain using a crystal point.

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